All the best sports on the best simulator

Many HD Golf UK customers are not only enjoying the excitement, realism and accuracy of golf, but are using their simulator for the 30+ other games they can play on it. Turning it into the most popular space in their home.

Easily add multiplayer sports & games, cheering fans and a dramatic stadium to your HD Golf Simulator! Deliver fun and excitement while you practice, play and compete with friends and family. There’s even adjustable difficulty settings so everyone can have a great time – whether they’re 8 or 80!

Our Incredible imagery delivers exceptional realism while Computer Vision Tracking Technology ensures pinpoint accuracy. Even better, NEW sports and games are released every quarter, so there’s always new excitement available

Popular sports include:

Target Pro Tour

Play popular driving range games like Sharpshooter and Hit the Ball Collector, great fun and great for your technique.

HD Soccer 

Ready for a penalty shoot-out?

HD Footgolf

Combine two of the world’s favourite sports into one addictive game. 

HD Basketball

Play around the world in stunning detail and excitement.

HD Baseball

Choose to either pitch or bat – and recreate the Major League experience Find out more about all the HD  multi-sports.


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