Luxury Golf Simulators- A great opportunity for Custom Integrators

If your clients are looking for the best in home entertainment, why not offer them the world’s leading golf simulator? 

Reasons to recommend HD Golf UK:

World’s best- There is simply no other simulator that compares, so your client will certainly not be disappointed. 

Most accurate- At least 4 smart-cameras capture the golfer’s shot. The cameras measure the golfer’s spin, club head speed, swing path, launch angle, face contact, club face, efficiency & smash factor. 

Most realistic- The golf courses on the simulator are extremely accurate. Your client will feel as if they are one of the pros at the tournament. Famous courses include St Andrews, Pebble Beach and more.   

For all ages- Anyone will be able to get involved as you can easily adjust the difficulty levels. Everyone can be kept entertained by the mini games, driving ranges, tournaments and more. 

Multi-Sports- Includes 30+ sports which the whole family can enjoy. This includes games such as Carnival that non sporty people will also have the pleasure of enjoying.

With you all the way- HD Golf UK provides full support through planning, installation and maintenance. And it pays to talk with us as early as possible to pre-empt any installation issues down the line.    

Access to the UK Experience Centre- All integrators are welcome to visit the HD Golf UK Experience Centre at Cuddington Golf Club in Surrey. There you can discuss all aspects of planning and installation, and also bring your clients along to try it out for themselves.

To organise a visit to discuss an upcoming Golf Simulator installation email or call 01372737273.




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